I’m Béatus

Product-Led SEO & Content Leader

I help companies unlock sustainable growth by aligning SEO with product marketing and leveraging the power of content.

Béatus Hoang

Driving Growth Across Industries

A snapshot of my impact

Lead Conversioms

Achieved a 2x increase in lead conversions and a 48% increase in organic traffic YoY for an online tutoring platform.

Month Profitability

Scaled an e-commerce company to profitability in just 9 months, with a 3x increase in organic revenue.

Organic Revenue Growth

Drove a 28% increase in revenue and a 50% increase in traffic YoY for a telehealth company.

Backlinks Per Year

Engineered a scalable link-building program, earning over 4,000 high-quality backlinks annually through strategic outreach, partnerships, and digital PR.

Content Efficiency

Directed programmatic SEO content production, delivering 1,000+ optimized pieces annually at 21% efficiency and reducing costs by 30%.

Conversion Rate

Executed product-centric A/B tests, optimizing CRO and customer journey; achieving 16% increase in quiz starts with 21% CVR.

about me

I am passionate about helping companies achieve sustainable growth by leveraging the power of product-led SEO and content. With a strong background in organic growth and a deep understanding of the interplay between SEO, product marketing, and user experience, I have consistently delivered outstanding results for companies across various industries.

Mechanism Ventures, Director of SEO

Managed a team of 15 SEO professionals and oversaw web strategy for 50+ websites, driving 3x YoY organic revenue growth.

Upgrow, SEO Director

Led advanced SEO and content strategies for high-growth SaaS, tech, finance, and telehealth clients, resulting in up to 10x growth.

Ecogreen America, SEO Director

Launched the SEO function and implemented strategies that led to a 3x increase in organic revenue and a 76% lift in conversions.

Ella Paradis, SEO & Content Manager

Boosted organic traffic by 14x within 8 months and set a new record for organic channel revenue.

Hearst, Search & Content Manager

Led the SEO department at the San Francisco Chronicle’s integrated marketing agency, 46Mile, and established scalable SEO processes.

LA SEO Service, SEO & Social Marketing Manager

Developed and led the agency’s social media department, driving organic traffic and achieving first-page rankings on SERPs.

What Others Say

What clients and colleagues have to say about working with me


Beatus is an integral part of EGA. He is a pillar, one of our key personnel here without whom, e-commerce just wouldn’t make sense. We’ve tried to go the agency way for SEO and Digital Marketing Management, but nothing beats an in-house expert. That’s what Beatus is. I’ve worked in tandem with him making his strategies come to life through content, and his vision and guidance have truly delivered in every aspect for our business. More traffic, more sales, more visibility in search engines. Aside from his fluency in all things digital marketing, Beatus is such a pleasure to work with!

Mariel Miranda
Marketing Strategist, Producer

I had the pleasure of working with Beatus at Maykke on an array of projects during his time at the company. No matter the project size or deadline that was put in front of him, he would get it done. Whether he was presenting his strategies to the entire company, working cross-functionally with merchandising team, creative, and contractors, or strategizing social media campaigns, Beatus would always bring his A-game and deliver exceptional results. Beatus is very passionate about what he does and is always willing to educate and share his expertise with the rest of the team. He was a delight to work with and I would highly recommend him for any company.

Kenneth Hernandez
Marketing Professional

Having worked first-hand with Beatus in ideating, developing, and founding The Authentic Gay, I am deeply familiar with his expertise and curiosity as a marketer. He has helped to pioneer an extremely efficient and bulletproof methodology behind briefing copywriters, tying together SEO insights with brand-specific content strategies. He is exceptionally well-rounded, as I’ve seen him take a project from mere thought through wireframing, development, SEO/content optimization, launch, and continued strategic SEO implementation. Most importantly, his positive and authentic attitude continues to win the hearts of the freelance clients we work with. He is an invaluable team player, inventive thinker, and can always conceptualize ways to go above and beyond the expected.

Mark Krasner
Partner Engineer
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